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Asher…The Hebrew meaning in the bible is "Happy", "Blessed", and "fortunate". ASHER Also means "promise of a life blessed with abundance".

Asher Ultrasound Services, LLC staff have witnessed and lived to see the happy, and blessed time when the miracle of a child occurs. We would love to help you cherish this amazing time of blessing in your life to provide high quality 2d, 3d, and 4d ultrasound to see the miracle happening inside of you. Allow this time to be shared with your family and friends.

Book your appointment online today and see how witnessing the miracle of a child can make you feel more happy and blessed. Allow Asher Ultrasound services to help you witness the promise of a life blessed with abundance. It is our hearts desire to help you in making these memories cherished for a lifetime.

About Us

Mendy Beltran is the owner of Asher Ultrasound Services, LLC. She is a triple tech only 4% of sonographers in the US have this title ~registered ARDMS (registered diagnositic medical sonographer), RVT (registered vascular technologist), and RCS (registered cardiac sonographer). Her desire is to provide exceptional customer service and quality diagnostic imaging to all her clients. With over 16 years of experience working in many different areas of sonography including hospitals, clinics, mobile services, OBGYN, etc., the staff of Asher Ultrasound will give you the highest quality of imaging so you can feel confident that a qualified tech will be taking care of you. We provide mobile services to clinics and physicians offices throughout New Mexico so you can feel at ease to know that we are keeping up with all the latest technological, educational and clinical advances that would be relevant to medical ultrasound. Allow Asher Ultrasound Services, LLC to make this memorable time in your life one that is cherished and remembered for generations to come. We pray you leave us feeling blessed and happy.

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When is the best time for my ultrasound appointment?

Gender determination is most accurate after 20wks. 3D/4D visualization of the baby is best obtained between 28-34 wks. When the baby has filled out. Face pictures are best after 30 wks. What do I need to do before my appointment? Drink a lot of water! 4-5 days prior to your appointment its best to have at least 8-9 glasses of water each day. This will allow us to get better picture when you are well hydrated. You DO NOT need a full bladder for the exam.

Who can I invite?

Family, friends etc! The room can hold approximately 8-10 people, and we can switch people in and out as long as we are in the time contraints of the appointment. PLEASE ALL small children should be accompanied by an adult and supervised AT ALL TIMES, as there are dangerous items within the office that could hurt the child.

Who will be performing the ultrasound?

All techs are highly qualified and certified in ultrasound and 3D/4D technology. Our staff has the expertise in doing physician directed ultrasound in hospitals and clinics so you can feel at ease that the tech is highly qualified and will take care of making you feel at ease. The ultrasound of your unborn child is NOT intended to replace your physician ordered ultrasounds, but we have found that 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound can allow for that precious bonding between the parents and family, and allows the whole family to enjoy the experience.

What should I wear?

Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit for easy access to your baby bump.

What is 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound?

2D stands for two dimensional and a traditional ultrasound that has been used for years is a 2D image. In layman terms, The newer technology of 3D stands for 3 dimensional. It uses different technology that allows the ultrasound machine to obtain a volume of the tissues that the ultrasound beam is directed toward and allows for the visualization of the detailed features in 3 dimensions. 3D allows you to see the details of your babies face, feet, etc. and 4D is merely a moving picture of the 3d image. So if your baby moves we can see it in motion.

Does Maternal Size affect the quality of the images?

Although we are using high-quality state of the art equipment, maternal size can be a factor when trying to obtain optimal images. We usually recommend that our full figured clients wait at least 20+wks for gender determination and 29-32 wks for 3D/4D imaging.

Can you determine the gender of the baby?

YES. Best results to visualize the gender is 20+wks. If we are unable to see clearly to obtain an accurate determination of the gender, you can always come back for another visit at no additional charge.

Is Ultrasound Safe?

Studies have shown that diagnostic ultrasound imaging is not hazardous , with no side effects to you or your baby. Ultrasound does not use radiation, and has been used widely for over 30 years with no reported adverse affects. Ultrasound has an excellent safety record.


2D ONLY: 15 minute visit - $100.00

  • 2d only
  • CD of session pictures
  • Brief 3D/4D peek
  • Gender determination/verification

3D/4D in-office: 30 minute visit - $200.00
  • 2D, 3D/4D views
  • DVD of entire session
  • CD of unlimited pictures
  • Gender determination/verification

Bonding/Adopting: 2 separate 20 minute visits - $300.00
  • 2d, 3D/4D views
  • DVD of entire session
  • CD of unlimited pictures
  • Gender determination/verification

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