Other Diagnostic Exams provided by Asher Ultrasound services:

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*The following exams are offered to patients with NO INSURANCE or patients with HIGH DEDUCTABLES

*The following exams will require a doctors order.

*These exams are offered at a cash rate that are often times cheaper than the charges at a hospital or diagnostic clinic

*A Diagnostic report read by a certified Radiologist/Cardiologist will be faxed to the requesting physicians office within 24-48hours.

  • Abdomen complete $200.00
  • Abdomen Limited (RUQ, hernia) $175.00
  • Pelvic/Transvaginal $275.00
  • Carotid $275.00
  • Lower Extremity Venous/Arterial Unilateral $250.00
  • Lower Extremity Venous/Arterial Bilateral $300.00
  • Thyroid $200.00
  • Scrotal $200.00
  • Echocardiogram $350.00
  • Soft-Tissue/Palpable mass $200.00

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